Equipping Africa’s science that solves Africa’s developmental challenges
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Who We Are

“Equipping Africa’s science that solves Africa’s developmental challenges”

Our continent, Africa, lags behind in most, if not all indicators of modern societal development. Current trajectories barely give any indication for future hope. Hunger thrives, security worsens, quality of education remains poor, electricity continues to depilated level in most countries, clean water continues to elude us, just to name a few ...
To raise the next generation African scientists with right competencies to drive Africa’s developmental and transformational agenda through innovative scientific research.
To instill excellence in Africa’s science through competence acquisition, capacity building, and career development, through which African scientists can play more active role in the continent’s development.

Courses and workshops

Currently ASFI offers the following core courses:

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ASFI Executive Committee

Prof. Bright Nwaru

Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Edward Onyenweaku

Director of Operations

Dr. Eman Sobh

Director of Science and Communication