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ASFI Ambassadors Program || African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

ASFI Ambassadors Program

Who are ASFI Ambassadors?

People from different disciplines and backgrounds who are willing to represent the ideals of ASFI and help to spread the message of ASFI’s vision, mission and programs within their respective countries of origin.

As ambassadors, they believe and accept ASFI’s vision and mission and on the basis of that inspire others in their countries and networks to join the ASFI family. They support ASFI in building strong cross-sectoral relationships in order to improve scientific environment in Africa.

ASFI’s core motivation is that science is cardinal in lifting our continent, Africa, from the current development quagmire. Tangible developments cannot happen until scientists take the lead through innovative research, working together through a collaborative network with fellow scientists across the breath and length of the continent.


  • Regular attendance ASFI activities
  • African origin
  • Acceptance of ASFI’s vision and mission


  • It is a voluntary role
  • Able to devote at least 1 hour
    per week to ASFI activities
  • Complete training regarding ASFI activities
    to be able to answer future questions and
    represent ASFI responsibly.
  • Willing to share personal stories of involvement in
    ASFI activities and inspiration received from there
    in order to motivate others to stand for empowering
    Africa’s research and development.
  • Champion the importance of science in Africa’s
    development in their countries and networks,
    either in person or through social media.
  • Represent ASFI at scientific activities in
    their countries (after approval of ASFI leadership).
  • Organize activities to spread ASFI’s vision,
    mission and activities in their countries and
    networks (at least one event annually).
  • Participate in different ASFI activities and programs.
  • Write at least one newsletter/article/report
    about past or current ASFI activity (single or in group)
    each year, either individual or together
    with other ambassadors.
  • Mentor first time ambassadors.
  • Work with different ASFI committees and
    support teams to promote ASFI activities.
  • Supply news and updates to networking
    team to record ambassadors’ activities.


Being an ASFI ambassador is by nomination
by the ASFI Science Directorate and is on the basis of regularity
of participation in ASFI activities.


One year with option to renew depending on performance


• Be part of enthusiastic team
• Share your passion to science and have your ideas applied
• Improve communication, leadership, and scientific skills
• Connect and engage with colleagues and high scientific
profile researchers across Africa
• Certificate after successful and satisfactory completion of a tenure