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Membership Registration || African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

Membership Registration

Registration is now open for the 2024 membership round. The overarching goals of ASFI membership are to:

  • Streamline activities to those who actively share in ASFI vision
  • Create a place of belonging for all members
  • Ensure that members own the ASFI movement
  • Ensure robust commitment from members
Membership into ASFI will attracts an annual membership fee (January-December each year). Members who fulfil their annual fee obligation and commit to the ASFI vision and mission are eligible for the following benefits:
  • Exclusively tailored trainings for maximum benefit
  • Exclusively tailored trainings for maximum benefit
  • Discounts in the following ASFI programs
    • Full scholarship or up to 50% discount in all ASFI courses
    • 50% discount in ASFI annual conferences and boot camp
    • 50% discount to publish in ASFI Research Journal (ASFIRJ)
  • Only ASFI members will also participate in:
    • ASFI annual Research Excellence Award
    • ASFI research activities

Membership Registrations