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ASFI Mentoring Program

ASFI Mentoring Program

The ASFI Mentoring Program (AMP) is a dedicated personal development initiative in which we help participants in our trainings to consolidate the skills they have learned from our courses and workshops. It is also a forum in which we match senior scientists within and without ASFI network to less experienced researchers. This matching will form a mentor-mentee relationship for the purpose of helping the junior researchers to consolidate on their scientific research skills. AMP is thus a complementary program aimed to strengthen ASFI’s core capacity building and career development initiatives and it is totally free of charge.

What the AMP entails

The AMP program involves the following:

  • Occasional response to questions posed by mentees to AMP experts
  • Provision of ad hoc assistance to mentees by matched mentors
  • Creation of forums for ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue,
    and exploration of innovative challenges between ASFI and mentees.
    A call is made after each course we offer for those interested.
    A new cohort is thus formed at the end of each course.

Who are AMP mentees?

  • PhD students
  • Independent researchers
  • Research institutes
  • Other interested persons or institutions

Issues covered in AMP

  • Research project design and conduct
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Data management and analysis
  • Research funding and grant writing
  • Scientific communication and publishing
  • Other research-related issues
  • And other subject-specific issues in science methodology
    that fall within ASFI’s core areas of expertise

Issues not covered AMP

  • Does not assume any supervisory role of the mentees’ projects,
    but only to play a supportive role
  • Is not a training program, thus will not replace actual
    training the mentees are receiving from their primary
    places of engagement
  • Will not replace any of ASFI’s capacity building courses and workshops