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ASFI Science Seminar Series || African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

ASFI Science Seminar Series

ASFI Science Seminar Series

The ASFI Science Seminar Series is a monthly forum for presentation and discussion of topical issues related to the role of science in development of Africa. African sons and daughters, home and in diaspora, and in their various field of expertise are invited to present on assigned topics. In 2021, the seminar series focused on various aspects of capacity building in science and research and was themed: Disrupting Stagnation, Empowering Africa’s Future. The seminar series continue in 2022 with the theme: Spotlighting Research Advancing Africa’s Development.

The focus of the 2022 seminar series is to showcase research work from different scientific discipline that is contributing to the development of Africa. All the seminar series are uploaded on the


ASFI YouTube Channel and can be access using the links below 2021

ASFI Science Seminar Series 2022 ASFI Science Seminar Series