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Members' General Assembly || African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

Members' General Assembly

Members' General Assembly

Starting from 2023, ASFI introduces membership into ASFI community. The overarching goals are to:

  • • Streamline activities to those who actively share in ASFI vision
  • • Create a place of belonging for all members
  • • Ensure that members own the ASFI movement
  • • Ensure robust commitment from members

The ASFI Members’ General Assembly is the supreme governing body of ASFI Membership. It is composed of all ASFI members (both those in Senior and Junior Sub-Assemblies). The General Assembly meets every 3 months. The daily affairs of the General Assembly are run by the General Assembly Leadership Team.

The General Assembly Leadership Team is to ensure the smooth running of the General Assembly and its activities. Thus, the Leadership Team, partnering with members and ASFI team, initiates programs that will give all members a sense of belonging and that are in tandem with ASFI's vision and mission - that is, continuous initiation of programs that culminate in the capacity building and career development of African scientists. The General Assembly Leadership Team meets every month.

Membership in the General Assembly Leadership Team is a voluntary role and will be based on election and voted by ASFI members. The Leadership Team will be rotated across African regions, and will take into account gender, disciplines, career level, age, experience, and other parameters that will ensure full representation of the different sub-groups represented in the General Assembly and to facilitate fruitful engagements and growth of the General Assembly. Tenure for each Leadership Team will be non-renewal 2 years. Each member of the Leadership Team who performs and lives up to the required and expected role of his/her office will receive a Community Service certificate from ASFI at the end of their tenure.

Dr. Eunice Fonyuy Fondze-Fombele

Associate Prof, University Of Buea

Mr. Habimana Jean Felix
Secretary General

Asst. Researcher, Ruli Higher
Institute of Health

Dr. Edna Majaliwa
Asst. Secretary General

Paediatric Endocrinologist,
Muhimbili National Hospital

Dr. Uchechi Bliss Onyedikachi
VP Communication & Public Engagements

Lecturer, Michael Okpara
University Of Agriculture
Umudike, Nigeria

Dr. Nidal Essa
VP Science & Education

Assist. Prof, University Of Medical
Sciences and Technology

Dr. Verrah Otiende
VP Conferences and Events

Tom Mboya University

Mrs. Motunrayo Joseph-Hunvenu
VP Ethics & Protocols

Lagos State University

Mr. Samuel Abanigbe
VP Membership Drive

Team Lead, Aquaculture
Development Project

Dr. Eman Sobh
ASFI Director Of Science & Communication

Assoc. Prof, Al-azhar University

Dr. Nwokoro Collins

ASFI Senior Sub-Assembly
Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences
Olabisi Onabanjo University

Dr. Precious Eteike

, ASFI Junior Sub-Assembly
Federal University Teaching Hospital
Owerri, Nigeria