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ASFI 2023 Virtual Conference and Boot Camp || African Science Frontiers Initiatives (ASFI)

ASFI 2023 Virtual Conference and Boot Camp


Online / Zoom


Block your calendar on - 28 November, 2023

ASFI 2023 Virtual Conference and Boot Camp

Plans are in full gear towards the ASFI’s maiden multidisciplinary virtual conference tagged Research for Africa’s Transformation: Challenges, Quality and Impact. The conference will bring together leading academicians, scholars and researchers, young and old, across the length and breadth of the continent to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on the contribution of research to the development of Africa. Current research developments, improvement of quality of research across the continent, and reinforcement of research impact will be core focus of the conference.

As a multidisciplinary conference, all research fields are welcome. The overarching goal is that the conference will arrive at multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral initiatives that will  spur tangible research-oriented, evidence-based solutions to the many challenges facing the African continent. The conference also offers opportunities for academicians and industry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants.

Conference planning committee

  1. Dr. Verrah Otiende (Chair) - Kenya
  2. Dr. Tamador Saeed (Vice Chair) - Sudan
  3. Dr. Edna Majaliwa (Secretary) - Tanzania
  4. Dr. Abbas Abel Anzaku (Assistant Secretary) - Nigeria

The virtual conference will be held together with the maiden ASFI Boot Camp. The ASFI Boot Camp is an informal occasion for African scientists to come together, discuss, and create opportunities for research capacity building and career development.

The boot camp is designed to develop and enhance the capacity of young scholars and researchers while collaborating with experienced researchers with deep understanding of modern research practices and how to apply them. Participants will be exposed to a range of research methods, software and resources. At the end of the boot camp, participants will be set to publish their originally-developed research ideas and will be better equipped for a problem-solving career.                                  

Bootcamp Planning Committee

  1. Dr. Eunice Fonyuy Fondze-Fombele (Chair) - Cameroon
  2. Dr. Edéya Orobiyi Rodrigue PELEBE (Vice Chair) - Benin
  3. Sylvia Baah-Tuahene (Secretary) - Ghana
  4. Assucênio Chissaque (Assistant Secretary) - Mozambique
  5. Dr.Abdelhakam Ali (Member) - Sudan
  6. Chisanga Chipanta (Member) - Zambia
  7. Dr. Jerry Kwarbai (Member) – Nigeria
  8. Dr.Maria Zinga (Member) - Tanzania
  9. Dr.Mujeeb Salaam (Member) - Nigeria
  10. Dr. Omolara Adeboye (Member) - Nigeria
  11. Prof. Thobeka Nkomo (Member) - South Africa
  12. Dr.TOE Ange Irénée (Member) – Burkina Faso
  13. Marion Wambui Keinamma (Member) - Kenya

Why join the multidisciplinary digital conference and boot camp?

  • Get help with all stages of your research, from developing a topic to preparing for a viva/presentation.
  • Get access to a global network of research professionals.
  • Acquire research-based skill building in a supportive setting surrounded by like-minded associates with fun and tailored activities.
  • Get one-on-one professional support based on your specific research requirements.
  • Receive coaching, mentoring and collaborate with seasoned researchers within academia and industry.
  • Access to customizable research and data analysis templates.
  • Get a database of high-impact open-access journals.
  • Access to research grant opportunities and funded-research positions.
  • Receive an internationally-recognized certificate of participation.





28th-30th November 2023